A Part of the Community

Left Bank is part of the Creative Ventures Program in the Detroit Creative Corridor. We also volunteer our services to a number of communities and programs in and around the city, like Vista Maria’s Women FORE! Women Golf Charity Event (4 years running), The Villages of Detroit CDC, The Historic Indian Village Association, The Women’s Garden Club of Indian Village and the East English Village Association.

Fun vids: we like to have fun… so? :)

(Video of Todd in Creative Ventures produced by Detroit Lives)

We make a sign for Left Bank at the Iron Pour...

A day in the life of LBC at DC3

We're in a video promoting the CVP. Video by Detroit Lives, courtesy of DC3

The Llama So Project

LBC Helps Decorate Downtown Detroit

My desk in the office wobbles. No Joke.

Birthday Party for Meme... yes this is what we do at work sometimes...

A day in the life of DC3